Thursday, June 14, 2012

Contact Management and Signature Grabber

I'm really kinda pissed about this... LinkedIn used to have an outlook toolbar that put a "Grab" button on it, so you could highlight someone's email signature, and hit grab. It would take all their info, including any cutesy fucking graphics they use, and insert it all into the proper (usually) place in a new contact form.

Enter Outlook 2010, and they decided not to bother making the toolbar anymore.

I've looked into other things to managed my contacts across platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (which was a bad idea) Gmail, and Outlook, but everything is basically just a place online where you can upload all your contacts, and then management them there. I want them in Outlook, not on some online database.

And why can't anyone else create a decent signature grabber?? Why the hell is that not yet built into Outlook? I can right click someone's name and add them to contacts, but I gotta fill in the freakin info myself??

I'm well aware how lazy this makes me sound, but until you've experienced the "Grab" function you have no idea how convenient that is. Literally 3 seconds to create a complete contact, instead of two minutes to make sure you've got all the right info in all the right places.

I used to like the "dashboard" on the linkedin plugin too, reminded you to keep in touch with folks you haven't emailed in a while, listed all your unanswered emails in case they required feedback, etc...

But even Gmail doesn't really have a good "grab" feature. Same issues as Outlook... I'm hoping there are some Google coders somewhere putting something together to do this.

What do you use to manage your contacts?

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  1. Dunno about linkedin but I've just tried to get into friendconnect and it won't have me, so sod it.