Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supporting Police

So the company for which I work supports many different types of clients. Most of them are architects or Engineers, but we also have accountants, mortgage companies, law firms, and my LEAST favorite, police departments.

We've all dealt with police before, and usually when they're writing us tickets or telling us to stop punching babies, or throwing us out of bars, etc... They're always the last word. They speak, you do. You can tell they were the kids in high school who couldn't stop arguing with the teacher. Had to get the last word.

Well, they're still the same person. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, so if you know or are a policeman, this may not apply. But if it does, you can feel free to sit there and scowl, and pretend it doesn't, I really don't care.

I hate calling the police departments to support their computer problems, because it doesn't have anything to do with the law, and they are powerless to do anything about it. They hate admitting that they can't flash a badge and a billy club at the computer and make it do what they want, so right out of the gate, they're pissy. I can HEAR them pouting because they have to ask for help. Their always almost daring you to call into question their computer savvy.

God forbid you have to ask them to do something like unplug a cable. Like a fourteen year old girl who doesn't get her way, they suck their teeth, and sigh, and act all pissy. Makes me want to say "Did you need my help? Did you want this computer to work again? Fix that face or I'll fix it for you." I alw

And when the god damned computer works again, you get, "Yup, it's working. Ok. See ya."

No fucking thanks? You cops wanna know why it's so difficult to get respect? Talk to a co-worker who isn't an asshole, he'll tell you how it's done.


  1. I SO remember the IT guys at work who didn't want to go up three floors to help an old lady with her computer. Unplug this replug that...excuse me, I'm over 60 and crippled up with arthritis. Do you have a camera angled at my desk so you can watch and laugh as I crawl around under my desk trying to figure out which cord goes where? But a bunch of healthy young cops...yeah...they can crawl around on the floor no problem...wusses.

  2. Dammit, I keep doing that, replying in the wrong browser, so it comes in as my secret identity! I'm going to blow my cover one of these days...

    Anyway, what I said was:

    If I were in the same building, I'd much rather just go over and make them move. But I'm in a completely different state. (Geographically speaking, not mentally).

    If they were to spend the money for in house IT, they'd have someone on site. They wanna save money and go with a consultant, that's fine, but you get what you pay for... We're good support, but there's gotta be some compromise if you don't want in-house.

    1. Geez... whatever you do, don't blow your cover

      Cops are good folks to have as friends
      They're kinda like alcoholics, though... they don't think like normal people

  3. I imagine that's true. If you can get them to look at you as a peer, I'm willing to bet they're ok. Trouble is they go through most of their life treating most people as if they are an authority... which keeps them alive, I'd imagine.

  4. They can't talk to a coworker who isn't an asshole. They're cops. That's a job a requirement.